MCH Iberian Capital Fund I led in March 1999 the acquisition of Azulev in a capital increase to support the industrial restructuring of the company. Azulev is a leading Spanish tiles manufacturer operating in the high-end of the market and one of the top-three most profitable companies in the sector. In 2005 and 2006, MCH partially divested its participation (66%) in the company.

  • Partially divested






Segur Ibérica

In October of 1999, MCH Iberian Capital Fund I participated in a LBO operations along with other financial investors, injecting more capital after the investment to acquire new companies. Segur Iberica is the third largest security company in Spain. The company has traditionally been focused on surveillance however, through various acquisitions made in the last three years; they have established themselves within the alarm system sector. The company was sold in March 2004 in a secondary transaction in which MCH-I reinvested 20% of the proceeds.

  • Divested






Irestal Group

In November 2000, MCH Iberian Capital Fund I led a growth capital deal transaction in order to expand the business both nationally and internationally. Irestal is one of the largest independent distributors and service centers of flat and tubular stainless steel products. It operates 11 service centers in Spain and around 20 in Europe and a state-of-the-art tube manufacturing company in Galicia, Spain. In 2007, the company achieved record aggregated sales of ca. €500 million. In 2007 and 2008, the company completed the acquisition of companies in UK, Germany, Eastern Europe and set up a new JV in China.







Grupo Euro 56

Founded in 1990, Grupo Euro 56 is an integrated service provider related to residential mortgages (appraisals and mortgage processing) for financial institutions and their customers. The company was sold in 2005 in a management buy-back.

  • Divested







Comess Group

In April 2000, MCH Iberian Capital Fund I invested in Comess Group, formerly know as Restmon, in order to provide growth capital to finance an expansion plan consisting of opening up new ethnic retail outlets throughout Spain. Comess Group is one of the leading companies in Spain focused on managing ethnic restaurants and fast-food outlets. The company opened up its first shop in 1992, and has grown significantly ever since then. Among its brands are Lizarrán, Cantina Mariachi, Rocks&Ribs, Pasta City and Bazaar.







In February 2001, MCH Iberian Capital Fund I led a capital increase in Qualytel to promote the growth and expansion of the company, that multiplied by 10x its revenues during the life of the investment. Since 1998, Qualytel has been an independent leader, specialized in supplying services of outsourcing, CRM and telemarketing. The company was sold in 2008 to a multinational group.

  • Divested







Tema is a leading Portuguese company devoted to production and distribution of functional designer furniture, with international footprint. In its origin, it was a Joint Venture between Norema ASA and a local manufacturer, until the former bought a significant share package allowing control of 100% of the company, which was sold in 2000 to the Swedish kitchen furniture manufacturer, Nobia Nordisk. The cpmany was sold in 2006.

  • Divested






Grupo Harol

GGrupo Harol was the merger of three companies (Proteinsa, Cedi and Torma) operating within the Fire Prevention sector in Spain. Originally, the Group was devoted to the design, supply and installation of protection systems. Its main business lines include fire detection, protection, systems and maintenance, positioning as one of the five main players in the sector. The company was sold in 2006 to an industrial player.

  • Divested







Combursa manufactures and sells logistic equipment such as mobile ramps, lifting platforms and a wide range of section quick doors. The company enjoys a leadership position in the Spanish market, with a market shares between 50% and 70% in its main business lines. The company was sold in 2006 to a multinational company.

  • Divested






Integral Press

Integral Press is a leading company in newspaper printing, with four rotary printers with the capacity to print 2 million units per day. This company counts on a portfolio of top level customers to whom the company prints more than 100 headlines, nationally and also internationally. The company was sold in 2006.

  • Divested