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Televida Servicios Sociosanitarios and Hogar Servicios Sociosanitarios are leading providers of services to the elderly in Spain:

1. Tele-homecare services: The company is the private market leader in tele-homecare services with a portfolio of 85.000 users mainly located in Catalonia, Andalusia and Murcia. It comprises physiological and social support, medical assistance, security services and technical support for Senior Citizens who live on their own homes, all these services provided telematically.

2. Home-care services: At present, Sergesa provides around 74.000 monthly hours of home care services to a wide range of users mainly located in Catalonia and Andalusia. This business line consists on the support offered to customers in their homes regarding domestic help, hygiene, catering services, laundry at home, etc.

MCH invested in Tele-homecare and Homecare busines units at the end of


  • Divested




Founded in 1887 in Bermeo, Garavilla is a Spanish and LatAm leader in production and commercialization of different types of canned fish products and other food related value added products. It operates under two commercial brands, Isabel and Garavilla, while the remaining sales come from private labeling (DOB).

The Group operates production facilities in Spain, Ecuador and Morocco, with total Company workforce of c.2,100 employees. Additionally, the Company operates a modern fleet of tuna vessels very well maintained, being highly performers over the years. The fleet ensures the supply of the tuna needed for the production plants of Conservas Garavilla and the tuna seiners operate under both Western-Central and Eastern Pacific Ocean licenses, the most regulated and fecund tuna fishing groun.





Talgo is a leading Spanish company, specialist on Engineering, Design, Manufacturing and Maintenance of rolling stock for railway passenger transport. Especially focused on high-speed trains and Long Distance, Talgo has a strong international focus, with presence in the United States, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. Talgo has recently been awarded in Saudi Arabia for manufacturing and maintaining the future high-speed train linking the cities of Mecca and Medina. Talgo currently leads the Spanish consortium bidding in Brazil by the high-speed project between Rio de Janeiro and São Paolo.






Europastry is the Iberian market leader of the bread and pastries frozen dough industry. Moreover, it is positioned among the top 5 European players. The different operating business lines are the following:

Production and distribution of frozen dough: with a catalogue of over 700 references, whithin which can be found all types of frozen breads, pastries, donuts and readymade food. By means of highly recognised brands such as Fripan, Frida, Yaya María, Dots y Friart, doughs are distributed through the different distribution channels Europastry operates.

Artisan Bakery Retail Chain: El Moli Vell is the biggest bakery chain network in Spain. With over 40 years of experience, El Moli Vell has deployed an extense network of company owned bakeries besides the famous bakery corners at Opencor (Spanish leader

convenience store chain).

MCH invested in Europastry by mid 2011.




Lenitudes is a Portuguese Group operating in the health and medical services. The Company’s core line of business is offering a comprehensive range of radio-diagnosis and radiation treatment alternatives together with related oncology and other clinical services. It focuses on delivering quality and cost-effective patient care in a personal and convenient environment.

The Group currently manages 4 projects at different stages of development. Lenicare is the Radiotherapy center of the public Hospital in Evora (“Hospital do Espiritu Santo”) through a public-private partnership. Additionally, the Group manages a state-of-the-art integral Cancer private center in Santa María da Feira, and it is developing a generalist outpatient private clinic in Setubal focused on radio-diagnosis and a day Hospital in Portimao. The company, backed by an excellent management team is considered as an optimal platform to develop new healthcare projects.



Segur Ibérica

SEGUR IBÉRICA is a company dedicated to provide monitoring and advisory services within the private security field. With over 30 years of experience, the company ranks among the top 3 positions in the sector. Within the services Segur Ibérica offers include:

1. Surveillance lease

2. Escorts

3. Planning and assessment of security activities.

4. Transport of explosives.

5. Services come to jumping alarm.

6. Installation and maintenance of security systems.

MCH invested in Segur Ibérica in mid 2011.