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MCH Private Equity and MCH Investment Strategies use cookies to be kept in your computer. Cookies are micro-files sent by the MCH Private Equity’s and MCH Investment Strategies’ equipment to the User’s equipment, although they do not provide information on the Username, neither any of the User personal data. The cookies used by MCH Private Equity and MCH Investment Strategies are unable to read any data or read other existing cookies on the User equipment.


Cookies are small files to be downloaded in the User’s terminal when the User browses certain websites that are allowed by the user to efficiently store and collect any information on the User’s setup, browsing patterns and other technical considerations by means of which the Website may customize the online User experience and adapt it to the User profile and preferences.


Whenever the User browses the MCH Private Equity’s and MCH Investment Strategies’ Website, the website host server automatically recognizes the user IP address, web visit start and end time and date, as well as the information on the clicked sections. The host server needs collecting such data to communicate and send the relevant request and provide the relevant on-screen display through the browser.


The User may, at his/her own discretion, set up his/her browser so as to receive a pop-up alerting whether a cookie will be placed in the User’s computer. The User may set up his/her computer to avoid receiving such cookies, but this will not prevent any access to the corporate Website information.


The cookies of this website are not used for advertising purposes. Cookies can be technical, analytical and customization cookies, as well as session cookies. We will be thus quantify the number of Users and carry out the metrics and statistical analysis of the use made by Users of the offered service, while the service may be adapted to the User profile and terminal.


The cookies used on this website are:




  • Zopim: and This application has been developed by Zopim, rendering us the analytics service on the audience of our website. Our company may use such date to improve our services and offer any services to other companies. You may become aware of other uses from the specified links.


We inform that Users may allow, block or delete any cookies placed in the User equipment terminal by setting up the browser options in their computers, including any cookie blocking tools.


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